Project Descriptions

Alexandria Port Authority

The Project includes:* Buildings with total area 20525 m2 (The Investment Administration building - The Electronic Administration building - Old Warehouses building - Soldiers resident building - includes also five buildings for head of sectors , activities center , crisis building , Gate No. 22 which contains 4 buildings to control the gate , tourist train).* Development of Gate 54 with total area 80000 m2 .* Development of Gate 27.* 3 quays with different lengths.* Services (Mosques & Coffee Shops and trucks parking areas)* The Roads :1- The Main Road 5.5 km length.2- Rear secondary road 1.46 km.3- Side secondary road 625 m length.4- Parking Areas with total 23000 m2 area.

Project Details

Client :Alexandria Port Authority
Activity : Public Buildings
Location :Alexandria Governorate.
Finished in :Sept. ,2008