Project Descriptions

Port Sudan - Kabatit Road

Total length 288 Km , 7 m width in two sections and two shoulders 1.5 M each. 140 km completed by N.G.C.C & the other 140 km is due for completion by Sudanese companies. First section begins at Port Sudan for 217.8 Km and the second section begins at Auseef for 70.2 Km .The works includes all earth works ,granular base , granular sub base , 6cm main asphalt layer , 5cm surface asphalt layer and concert pipes and box section culverts . *( A consortium of Egyptian / Sudanese companies is the contractor , NGCC is the Egyption party , each party will be responsble for 50% 0f contract ( 140 km ))

Project Details

Client :National Highway Authority Ministry of Road & Bridges , Republic of Sudan
Activity :Roads & Bridges
Location :Republic of Sudan
Finished in :Feb.,2008